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Commom ML/DL Frameworks

This collection of how-to guides provides sample workflows that leverage Chassis to create containers out of your models built from the most popular ML frameworks. NOTE: This list of frameworks is not all-inclusive.

Can't find the framework you are looking for? Feel free to fork this repository, add an example or two from your framework of choice, and open a PR. Or come chat with us directly on Discord!

What you will need

To follow along with the how-to guides, you will need to install the Chassis SDK:

pip install chassisml

Additional dependencies that are example-specific will be listed on each page, respectively. If you would like to learn more about the Chassis workflow before diving in to these framework-specific examples, be sure to check out the Getting Started section!

If you prefer to jump straight to the source code, check out the examples section in the Chassis GitHub repository!

Chassis Examples on GitHub

Included Framework Examples

Jump straight to the framework you are looking for!

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