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DefaultBuildOptions module-attribute

DefaultBuildOptions = BuildOptions()

BuildOptions dataclass

Configures how the resulting Chassis container will be built.

By default, it will configure the build to use: - your machine's native CPU architecture (or amd64 if it can't be determined by platform.machine()) - use Python 3.9 as the Python version in the container - the Open Model Interface server

When using chassis.builder.DockerBuilder, only a single architecture is supported. When using chassis.builder.RemoteBuilder, a multi-architecture build can be specified. To do a multi-architecture build, supply a list of architectures that you want to build for. The RemoteBuilder will then build each variant and deploy them all under a manifest located at the image tag. Clients that then pull that image tag will receive the container image appropriate for their native architecture.

When setting the Python version, you can use either minor version or full patch version (e.g. "3.9" or "3.9.17"). The version will be used to set the base image to the corresponding official python image on Docker Hub.

To enable GPU support, you can set cuda_version to a string. The string should match the version on one of the available image tags for nvidia/cuda on Docker Hub. Note: Due to limitations with the nvidia/cuda image, only Python 3.8 is currently supported for GPU-enabled images.

Chassis supports building container images that support either the Open Model Interface standard or the standard(s) supported by KServe. Use "omi" or "kserve" as the server value.

Unless base_dir is provided, a temporary directory will be used to stage all the resources. If base_dir is supplied, it will use that directory, which is expected to already exist and be empty. Setting base_dir is mostly useful for testing, developing Chassis itself, or if you want to use something other than Docker (but that supports using Dockerfiles) to build the container.


Name Type Description
arch Union[str, List[str]]

List of target platforms to build and compile container versions. See above for more information.

python_version str

Python version to build into container. Python v3.8 or greater supported.

cuda_version Optional[str]

CUDA version if model supports GPU.

server str

Server specification to build. "omi" and "kserve" supported.

base_dir Optional[str]

Optional directory path to save the build context.

base_dir class-attribute instance-attribute

base_dir: Optional[str] = None

arch class-attribute instance-attribute

arch: Union[str, List[str]] = platform.machine() or 'amd64'

python_version class-attribute instance-attribute

python_version: str = f'{sys.version_info.major}.{sys.version_info.minor}'

cuda_version class-attribute instance-attribute

cuda_version: Optional[str] = None

server class-attribute instance-attribute

server: str = 'omi'

labels class-attribute instance-attribute

labels: Optional[Dict[str, str]] = None