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BuildResponse dataclass

An object representing the status of a Chassis build.

This object is used for both local and remote builds. For local builds, this object will be returned exactly once at the end of the build process with all fields set except for remote_build_id.

For remote builds, this object will be returned each time chassis.builder.RemoteBuilder.get_build_status is called and will only have all its fields set once the build is complete.


Name Type Description
image_tag Optional[str]

The URI where the built image was pushed.

logs Optional[str]

Build logs, if requested.

success bool

Whether the build was successful or not.

completed bool

Whether the build is finished or not.

error_message Optional[str]

The error message, if applicable.

remote_build_id Optional[str]

The unique ID of a remote build, if applicable.

image_tag instance-attribute

image_tag: Optional[str]

logs instance-attribute

logs: Optional[str]

success instance-attribute

success: bool

completed instance-attribute

completed: bool

error_message instance-attribute

error_message: Optional[str]

remote_build_id instance-attribute

remote_build_id: Optional[str]


BuildError(error, logs=None)

logs instance-attribute

logs = logs