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Release Notes


October 2023

The v1.5 release culminates a significant refactor of the Chassis codebase and results in faster build times and smaller, faster model containers.

  • Container build times are now 2-5x faster, especially for models with few pip dependencies
  • Model containers built with Chassis v1.5 are now up to 10x smaller (though a 2-4x size reductions is more typical) than those generated by previous versions
  • Docker builds are now supported, so installing Chassis on a K8s cluster is no longer a requirement
  • The Chassis build server has been completely refactored: It is now fully configurable via Helm charts, no longer has an object storage dependency, supports multi-platform builds (e.g. amd64, arm32v5, arm64v8, etc.), and now uses considerably less CPU and RAM
  • The chassisml SDK has been completely rewritten, improving usability, performance, size, and number of extra dependencies
  • A convenience OMI client is now available that makes it easier to run inferences through OMI model containers


July 2022

v1.4.5 release of Chassis inlcudes:

  • Support for private docker registry configuration
  • Removal of automatic model deployment to Modzy


March 2022

v1.0.0 release of Chassis includes:


July 2021

First working release of Chassis.